Quality Testing

Quality"Part-to-part, order-to-order uniformity ... guaranteed."

It takes more than superior engineering and equipment to make precision springs.  Constant monitoring of the manufacturing process is necessary to guarantee "part-to-part and order-to-order" uniformity.  Prevention ... not detection.  We've been using SPC for years ... long before it became fashionable, and require the same of our material suppliers.  This assures the quality of your spring both before and during manufacturing.

On-line testing ... using many state-of -the-art digital instruments and proprietary software that we've developed ourselves for evaluating stress, loads, and rates ... is complemented by rigorous final testing by our quality control department which is ISO 9001:2015 Registered and certified by government agencies, as well as, many of the largest manufacturers in the country.

In addition, we can also provide special cycle, contamination, and load loss testing as part of our complete service/manufacturing package to determine if the spring manufactured meets your design requirements.

Email our quality department at quality@rockfordspring.com.