Rockford Spring's "Spring Design" Check

Every spring quoted by Rockford Spring is entered into a spring design program and checked to make sure loads and rates work out correctly and that stresses, etc. are within acceptable ranges.  Most spring companies offer this level of spring design check.

Rockford Spring goes much further.  We pull the spring design information into our own proprietary computer program to analyze the spring for design function, as well as, manufacturability. This program also produces all Quality Control forms, reducing time and improving our consistency and accuracy.  The potential for human error has been eliminated, while making us more efficient.

Design function calculations:
Our computer program automatically generates a Goodman Diagram for each spring design.  The Goodman diagram graphically shows the expected fatigue performance of the spring design. The program will give warning messages for stress, set, buckling, index, loads outside of linear range, etc. By having this always calculated and a part of the design page, none of these steps can be overlooked. Each spring design is checked in a consistent way without relying on a person's memory or opinion.

Manufacturability calculations:
Our computer program performs many checks and calculations in regard to manufacturability.  Many of these calculations are proprietary and won't be discussed in any detail here.

Our program can determine the following:

  • The most appropriate machine center based on machine capabilities and cost.
  • Machine speed and set-up time to assure an accurate quote.
  • If sorting will be required to hold tolerances.
  • Computes scrap expectations.
  • Free length sorter settings for spring grouping at the coil machine (to assure proper grind and load tolerances).

Several years ago, the above items were more of a guess.  Many spring companies still have to guess, which results in a higher price for their customers.  A great deal of research and experimentation has gone into developing these calculations and we continue to improve the calculations as we gain new insight.  "We believe this capability sets us apart from our competition".